About Patty Morris

And now out of His fullness we are fulfilled! And from Him we receive grace heaped upon more grace! (John 1:16)

God is all about grace. He does not give us what we deserve. He gives us unconditional favor, LOVE and approval.

Patty Morris wants to share this grace message with her readers, letting them know how much God LOVES them. His LOVE is not based on their performance or how hard they are working. God’s LOVE is fail-safe and without limits.

Patty Morris is a writer, author and prayer minister, who enjoys teaching believers about their new identity in Christ as children of grace. Patty’s 3-part book series Living in the Glory of God’s Grace is soon to be published.

Patty is a graduate of Fordham University and Encourager School of Ministry. She and her husband Jim live near Houston, Texas. They are proud parents of one awesome son and one rambunctious retriever puppy.

In March of 2017 Patty Morris took a surprise trip to the threshold of heaven.  God revealed His glory to her in new ways. Heaven is our home–not a scary, foreign place. We can look forward to going home with Jesus because of His abounding grace.  He has made the way for us.  These revelations of heaven’s LOVE and peace inspired her to begin this blog, http://www.soundslikeheaven.org.

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